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Hardy Hope

It amazes me how the crocus emerges out of winters cold. It appears so small and fragile and yet it is so hardy. I see it as a symbol of rural resilience.

Thunder Rolls

The thunderous silence of a prairie storm.
Fear rides it’s wings, beauty flows from it’s
The awesome power - cleaning the filth,
bringing new life.
Smell the rain. Feel the wind.
Taste the wild freedom as we conquer life’s

 The Auction

The end for one is the beginning for another. Traditions are passed on, stories swapped. A deal is made, an identity lost.


Having to use a pitch fork to lift hay and feed horses is fine. Having the hay bale land on the pitch fork and break the end off makes life more difficult when you also don’t have a drivers license and you have to wait for someone else to drive you to get a new one. Things like this are always humbling.


I love canoeing on the lakes around here. They are a great asset to our community. My favorite time to paddle is in the fall after all the bugs and motorboats have been chased away by the frost.


This is a picture of the very first time I voted. It was really fun, even though all I did was stand around, then check the name on the tiny piece of paper.

 No Tresspassing

You can’t tell the sun to keep out.


This is the moment just before we say grace in our home. This time of gratitude brings peace after a busy day of work. Brief as it is, a meal does not feel complete without it.

Little Moments

To hold my little girls feet in my hands is a memory I want to keep with me. So I try to enjoy every moment I have with her.

Community Links

Being part of a community means knowing that when your life gets stuck in a rut the neighbors are always there to pull you in the right direction.

 Wayne Gretzky

I’m not the greatest hockey player, and will never claim to be. In fact I’m not all that good at it. On the day I skated out onto this rink with the NHL boards and glass there was no one else out yet—I felt like a super-star.


For moments in our life the sun will disappear but the truth is that we stray from it’s light. In the darkness we stumble and fall. It is in these moments that I feel powerless to control my surroundings all I can do is press on and wait for life’s warm rays to again warm my soul.

No Trade Clause

I feel so fortunate to be able to see her grow and change everyday. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.


We call this their relaxation time. When they are relaxed it makes me feel relaxed as well. It makes me step back from my world and think in a different way. My horses help me enjoy my life.

Guiding Hands

The trust between my and horse and me is very important. It amazes me how easily he trusts me when I ask him to perform movements that aren’t natural to him. With the direction of my hands...he trust I will not lead him astray.


These things remind me of long syringes going in and out of the ground. They are a mixed bag as they have brought a lot of wealth, to my own family even, but sometimes I wonder, “Do we really know what we are doing?”

Shall Not Judge

You may look at this and pass judgment on him, a rocker, bad boy, whatever. But if you know Daniel he is an amazing artist and knows more about the bible than most religious people.

Rest Stop

The Patch

I’ve never worked in the oil patch and I hope I never have to but I do admire the men and women who do. It is terrible, dirty work requiring many sacrifices and although their have been many advances in safety it remains to this day a dangerous job.

With Thanks

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church opened up their facility for our groups use over the last four months. Thank you, St. Peter’s, for your hospitality!

Joyful Moments

I really enjoy crawling into a clean bed, sheets dried on the line. It smells and feels so good.

Open Road

It may seem odd, but this photo reminds me of family. The picture was taken on the way home from visiting my brother and his family. At the time I took it I just thought it would make a nice photograph, but now it reminds me of all the miles we travel to be with family.


I find myself trying to make out the unknown, when if I only look closer, I can make out the intricate details of the here and now.

Weathered Face

As a kid I always thought that hip roofed barns looked like a face. Think of all the things that those eyes have seen? A barn full of memories.

The Rink

“That’s the Pipestone rink...I try to maintain the ice there. To me it’s pretty important because it’s one of the few parts or areas in the community where people meet together…It’s part of the community. That’s important to me.”


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