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Sunset Flight

This was just another picture of another beautiful Alberta sunset until I looked at it at home. I’d like to say that I took the picture of the geese, but truthfully they were just an added bonus reminding me to continue to look for beauty beyond the obvious.

Mountain Getaway

Camping and traveling was a big part of my childhood. As we all got older we seemed to go on fewer holidays. Now that I have nephews we are going camping more again. This picture captures the feeling I remember as a child of being able to run and explore after riding in the truck for hours.

Mountains out of Molehills

I always tell my kids to take a step back and look at their arguments in another light. This looks like a river but if you look closer you will see it is only a trickle of water, about two inches wide, flowing through a green house.

Spring Awakening

First budding trees,
blooming flowers,
snow melting,
sun shining through,
warming my heart.

Unconditional Love

People say a dog is a man’s best friend...


This is my pill case. I take my pills 1st thing in the morning otherwise I can’t function. With out them I can’t think straight. I’ve been taking these pills practically my whole life. Always will.

Guard Dog

Our little min pin is the one to guard our farm. He thinks he’s big and I love him for it!

Happy Days

Always makes me smile wherever she goes. The joy she brings not only to me, but everyone she meets.

4 am

That’s a picture of my cows at four o’clock in the morning. They’re always awake for me when I get there. They’re never late...It’s my job, but it’s my life. It’s my passion...anyone who’s been on a dairy farm, or any kind of farm, you know what it’s like. But it’s hard to explain to people. Farming is just in you and I don’t think it ever leaves you.

Rearing Hidalgo

This is my collection of Breyer Horses. Most people might not know that I collect them. Artists craft them out of wood and then they create plastic models. They’ve been around since 1950.


Cookies are one of those things that put people in a good mood.


Just as every flower is unique, so are we.


The water filling the creek is not only beautiful, it means I do not have to haul water to the horses for a few weeks.

Yard Stick

When it comes to policy making, how do we measure a strong community in this province?

Household income?
Environmental sustainability?
Access to public resources?
Neighborhood trust?

Barn Top

Ideas shape our history


People are transparent

Light shines through all of us.

Bleeding Hearts

I told my heart, “Let love grow.”


He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread. (Proverbs 12:11)


To be old and mature brings great beauty and wisdom


Gratitude blossoms through the soul.

Gentle Giant

He is a high strung horse, very large, 1500 lbs animal. But with children, he becomes the gentle giant.

Fearfully Ironic

These steers were terrified of the grass—it was the first grass they had ever seen.

Road Home

It is so familiar; as subtle as each dip in the landscape is, everyone in this community could navigate their way home with their eyes closed.


Life costs money but the reward is priceless (especially when someone else is paying for the hay!).


A vision, a truck load of steel and several more loads of sweat equity built this small scale lumber mill. Many small businesses have been built and sustained by this same formula. It is quite inspiring to see how many home based operations are right in our community. It shows what it takes to live on the land out here.

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