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A Fun Combination

Our toddler put these three toys together (you can see the spilt milk on the hood of the car) and drove them around our house for about three months. None of the items belong together and yet the creative combination has enhanced our home. When we can get past our stigmas we find the unsuspected partnerships are what enhances communities the most!

Canadian Crucifix

Many people today to not relate their spiritual life to the crucifix. Fair enough, but for me there is such awe in knowing that God can relate to what I’m going through. If Jesus had of gone to my elementary school I’m sure he would have known what it’s like to have a snowball shoved down the back of his jacket, just because he is willing to feel what I feel. I could meditate on that forever.

The Cheese Bucket

Rural childhood = riding a school bus

 Springs Kiss

Long awaited, spring arrives dripping with inspiration.

Active Wear

This is a kid who knows how dress for the elements.

Family Harvest

“Harvest is especially important to me because the family joins together...for two months of the year. It is really, really nice. Just the sense of belonging that goes with it, I just really, really cherish and enjoy.”

Hanging Baskets

Spring comes early in the greenhouse.


Grandpa knows how to fix a lot of things. I’m always amazed at how much he knows.

 Time Heals

If you look at this fence you realize that what was initially a wound has now become part of the structure’s supporting fabric. Hmm...a metaphor of resilience.


I love this picture of my Dad and my husband. It looks like they are fighting but they aren’t. That’s just the way they are! I love that although they were raised in different ways they are so alike. They are two of the most important men in my life.

Imported from Tees

I was not raised in Pipestone but it is now my home. I love it here, although sometimes I feel a little like oil and brandy—I don’t mix, I don’t quite fit in...unless you want flambé.

Acceptance and Individuality

We are not all cut from the same cloth. We have different ideas and different views but if we accept everyone for who they are, the joy they give...What a beautiful community we would be!


This one was actually an accident, I was waiting to take a picture of something else and my finger slipped. Its amazing how accidents turn out.

Martian Vs. Van

This is a picture of when my family’s van was leaking anti-freeze. It looked like we ran over an alien. It is so bizarre what you learn when something breaks.


I love pictures that show the horizon.
I always want to see what’s past it.


This is a moment in your life which seems to be the biggest achievement until you actually see what’s out there...and then you get slammed with work, vehicles, bills and other activities. Compared to growing up school was a slice.


Mother nature shows who’s boss. A simple wind blew up sand and shut down a multi-million dollar company for two days.

Sands of Time

Like sand our lives change day to day.


I took this picture out the front window of my truck. I drive this road every morning and every night. Through the fog it always leads me home.



Cruel and beautiful at the same time.








Change Table

This photograph captures the warmth of two priceless gifts— my son’s innocence and my wife’s commitment to me and our home. I cannot fabricate these things, I would do well to protect and foster them, but really all I can do is name them for what they are, a gift to be cherished.

Fly Over

You don’t have to get very far away for people to look like ants.

Canadian Icon




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