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Municipal Sustainability

Creating Rural Connections

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Creating rural connections 2014 Event series: municipal sustainability

MacEwan University
Edmonton, Alberta
May 26, 2014

Exploring and addressing challenges facing municipal sustainability in Alberta is important to supporting rural Alberta communities and enhancing quality of life. That’s why ARDN, in partnership with our 21 post-secondary members, is hosting the Creating Rural Connections 2014 Event Series: Municipal Sustainability.

On May 26 at MacEwan University in Edmonton, you’ll learn, network, share expertise, and explore partnerships with others invested in municipal sustainability to examine the economic, social, cultural, environmental, and governance issues. You’ll be part of discussions on the contributions of policies and planning, social equity and diversity, and access to services and resources to the quality of life in rural Alberta.

Not just a "regular" event. CRC 2014: Municipal Sustainability is about more than networking and learning – it’s about making a difference. At this event, you’ll be an integral part of setting the agenda for rural development in the area of Alberta’s municipal sustainability.

What issues matter to you? Where should we focus our energy? How can we work better together to accomplish goals that have benefits for everyone? Join ARDN, our members, and up to 150 participants to explore the issues and discover possible solutions.

***Are you a current faculty member, staff, or student at one of ARDN’s member institutions? If you are, contact Joy to find out how you can attend for free!***

Can’t join us in person? Add your voice to the conversation by tweeting with the hash tag #CRC2014!



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