CRC 2014

Vulnerable Populations

Creating Rural Connections

Through Networking

Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline: A Citizenship Initiative Within Education

Julia Dalman
Global Cafe, Jasper Place High School
Do you think there is a growing sense of apathy among our youth? This presentation will address how the education system can be the culprit as often as it can be the key to empowerment. Come learn about a new approach that engages youth, connects community, and increases resiliency.
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Collaborating with Vulnerable Populations Toward Equity and Excellence in Rural Communities

Darren Lund
Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary

Educators and other professionals are correctly being encouraged to attend to equity and social justice issues in their practice, but for many of us this complex task can seem daunting. Darren offers a timely reminder that facing the challenges faced by Alberta’s vulnerable populations is not about “managing diversity,” nor is it simply the “feel-good” pursuit of harmony in our communities and classrooms. Rather, working with the community to bring about social and institutional changes toward rural development requires respectful collaborations with shared goals.
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The Land, The People: Our Sacred Responsibility

Evelyn Good Striker
Education & Cultural Advisor
Canada’s fastest growing population is the Aboriginal people. Clean land, air and water are critical to accommodate our existence. Education and employment are vital means necessary to benefit healthy living. This presentation will provide First Nations, Metis and Inuit demographics in Alberta, highlighting data that tells a story of our situation, our circumstances, our need for development, and finally, how we might challenge this endeavor together to make Alberta a better place to live, work and enjoy healthy living.
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Resilience: Understanding and Addressing Vulnerability in Rural Communities

Judith Kulig
Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Lethbridge
Resilience is a useful concept in helping us understand how individuals and communities deal with the adversity they face. This presentation will focus on discussing the theoretical aspects of community resilience and how it is manifested in rural communities that have faced adversity (i.e., economic downturns, social change and wildfires).
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