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Creating rural connections 2014 event series: workforce development

Grande Prairie Regional College
Grande Prairie, Alberta
May 9, 2014

Exploring and addressing challenges facing Alberta’s workforce is important to supporting rural Alberta communities and enhancing quality of life. That’s why ARDN, in partnership with our 21 post-secondary members, is hosting the Creating Rural Connections 2014 Event Series: Workforce Development.

On May 9 at Grande Prairie Regional College in Grande Prairie, you’ll learn, network, share expertise, and explore partnerships with others invested in developing Alberta’s workforce. Alberta’s post-secondary institutions, government, and industry all have important roles – but what’s working and what’s not? CRC 2014: Workforce Development will explore the current issues, challenges, and opportunities and identify solutions and next steps to simulate positive change.

From topics such as the role of post-secondary, how to diversify the labour supply, or expanding entrepreneurship, to the number of people without jobs and jobs without people, the event will be of interest to everyone who works or hires in Alberta.

Not just a "regular" event. CRC 2014: Workforce Development is about more than networking and learning – it’s about making a difference. At this event, you’ll be an integral part of setting the agenda for workforce development in rural Alberta.

What issues matter to you? Where should we focus our energy? How can we work better together to accomplish goals that have benefits for everyone? Join ARDN, our members, and up to 150 participants to explore the issues and discover possible solutions.




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