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August 3, 2010

University of Lethbridge Leads Scientific Breakthrough

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A treatment for neural diseases such as Alzheimer’s has become a possibility; scientists at the University of Lethbridge have been able to regenerate damaged neural tissue in mice.

During the five-year project, brain cells in mice were destroyed. They were then treated with a naturally occurring growth factor paired with mental exercises. After merely six weeks, the sample mice were just as normal as the control group.

“We discovered the memory disorder was reversed,” exclaims Dr. Robert Sutherland, project lead. “The memory was as good as normal!” The brain cells regenerated in the same way that damaged skin cells are repaired.

Dr. Simon Spanswick, a project researcher, says, “What we’ve discovered will be part of a treatment process for these [neural] disorders.” The implications of this discovery are vast.

Keep up the good work U of L.

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