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January 25, 2013

Olds College Announces 2013 Partner of the Year

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“And although this venture begins in our first century as a College, it will undoubtedly stand as a milestone well into our second century.”

This was the statement Olds College President Dr. Tom Thompson made during the 2011 groundbreaking partnership ceremony between Olds College and Pomeroy Inn & Suites. Now, as we officially step foot into 2013, our Centennial year, it is with great pride that Olds College announces the Pomeroy Inn & Suites as its 2013 Partner of the Year.

The Pomeroy Inn & Suites is one of the fastest growing hospitality companies in Western Canada. It’s been two years since the official partnership was announced. Now, the wait is almost over. Olds College and the Pomeroy Inn & Suites will welcome the community of Olds and our campus community to join together in celebration for the opening of the Pomeroy Inns & Suites at Olds College in July of 2013.

“We are absolutely certain the fruits of this partnership will provide education and training opportunities for our students, much needed conference and community infrastructure, and provide a strong alternative revenue stream in college operations for years to come,” states Olds College President, Dr. H.J. (Tom) Thompson. “But the key point is that we moved rapidly on an opportunity, as opposed to passively waiting for government infrastructure money. This College drives outcomes that would not be possible if we were not truly inclined toward aggregation and partnership – with other public organizations as with the Community Learning Campus previously, with donors and granting bodies as with the Botanic Gardens and Treatment Wetlands, and now in this instance, with a private sector business and entrepreneur.”

This four star hotel and conference centre will boast first-rate food services and commercial kitchen, will serve the many visitors in the growing community of Olds, and double as the learning centre for the Canadian Institute for Rural Entrepreneurship (CIRE). This multi-million dollar facility has been integrated into the academic programming by housing the Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management Diploma, our meat program will supply meat to the restaurant, fashion students are designing uniforms, landscaping design was done by Olds College, and there are plans to have a Pomeroy branded hospitality curriculum in the near future.

“Olds College leadership and their Board have been a pleasure to deal with on this trail-blazing journey,” said Ryan Pomeroy, CEO. “As a private business, we’ve never done a major project like this with a public entity, and it has been very impressive to experience how business-like and agile our Olds College partner has been. We’ve also enjoyed working with many local and regional sub-trades from Olds and Region. I think this venture will be great for the community, great for the College and its students and instructors, and frankly, great for our business.”

The CIRE is aligned with the Olds College objectives of enhancing rural entrepreneurship and rural development. It will simultaneously provide enhanced learning opportunities and applied research services to support the education and training of rural entrepreneurship in western Canada.

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