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March 22, 2013

World Water Day - Did You Know About This Project?

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Groundwater Connections

This community-based watershed program for sustainable groundwater management was designed as an economic approach for monitoring groundwater levels in Rocky View County.  Surface water in southern Alberta is fully allocated due to both environmental and growth pressures, thereby increasing reliance on groundwater.  However, groundwater cannot be seen and its quantity is largely unknown.  This can cause problems when determining if current uses are sustainable and if future uses will remain sustainable.  Since groundwater is an important resource, this project was developed to increase our understanding necessary to plan and manage groundwater resources.

Prior to the start of this project, an interest in groundwater was gaining priority in Alberta.  The increasing demand on groundwater combined with drought conditions and a lack of knowledge, created a desire to find sustainable management and development techniques to prevent overuse of groundwater resources (Greeif, 2006).  It was this risk to families, communities, and the economy that sparked an interest in finding new solutions.  One of the solutions proposed was a community-based monitoring program which could be used to address the lack of information surrounding groundwater. 

The goal of this project is to increase our knowledge base of the cumulative impact of multiple wells in the local aquifer on groundwater levels and groundwater-surface water interaction through an integrated research - community outreach - education approach. 

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