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July 29, 2014

Alberta releases short-term employment forecast

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Alberta has released a short-term employment forecast, covering job prospects for the years 2014–2016. The report identifies 31 professions that the province expects to be in high demand over the next 3 years, including chefs, specialist physicians, and hairstylists. Among those occupations identified as being in low demand are dentists, letter carriers, veterinarians, and administrators in PSE and vocational training. “As the economy evolves, as technology evolves, your labour market shifts and the demand for certain occupations becomes less,” said Kyle Fawcett, Alberta’s Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour. He added that construction will remain a priority for the province, as well as providing training for the trades. “Our long-term forecast over 10 years indicates a 96,000 person ... shortage. There’s employment and opportunities for all those who are seeking jobs,” said Fawcett. To read more click here.

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