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November 17, 2010

Strong, Vibrant Communities

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Alberta’s municipalities are one step closer to being able to address their own long-term sustainability and success.  The Alberta government has been working with municipal representatives from urban and rural Alberta to develop a plan that will assist communities with this goal.

The plan is called the Municipal Sustainability Strategy and it will give communities enhanced tools to look closely at their strengths and assets, identify challenges, and develop ways to respond to those challenges.

The proposed strategy includes a self assessment toolkit and an inventory of resources to help municipalities promote sustainable governance. It encourages community engagement to help address local sustainability issues and outlines ways to increase collaboration between the levels of government.

“We’re in this together,” says Hector Goudreau, Minister of Municipal Affairs. “Through partnership, we can ensure the strength and viability of our province’s municipalities. Albertans deserve communities that can deliver essential services, plan strategically, and manage risks, and soon we’ll have more tools in place to help accomplish this."

More information about the proposed strategy can be found by clicking here.

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