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February 10, 2011

Videoconferencing Training Session Benefits Olds Emergency Responders

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A video conference session held at the Olds Community Engagement Site was a successful method to deliver training for emergency responders in Olds and the surrounding region.

The session allowed emergency responders to access advanced training that wouldn’t normally be available without having to leave their communities. It also reduced the risk to local towns because the firefighters could participate without leaving those communities unprotected. Justin Andrew, training officer for the Olds Fire Department, points out that it saves money by allowing departments to pool their resources to run a single event instead of having multiple separate sessions across the region.

“We always need to have a good understanding of what we could be faced with,” Justin says. “Anyone who can get to use the technology and take part will see that it’s phenomenal to speak in real time, essentially face to face, without having to step out of your community.”

The Olds Connected Community Committee is proud to feature the people and businesses that are using this technology to get the job done in their Champions of Technology series. The committee is part of an ongoing community effort within the Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development to maintain and enhance cultural and economic growth and sustainability.

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