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September 28, 2010
Rhodiola Commercialization Team Receives National Award

Remember back in July, when the Rhodiola Commercialization Team (RCT), including ARDN Research Director Paul Watson, was awarded the 2010 Premier’s Award of Excellence(PAE)?  Since the team earned a Gold level PAE their project was forwarded onto the National Quality Institute.  The RCT has recently...

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September 17, 2010
University of Calgary Conducts Research for Safe Communities

The University of Calgary (U of C) takes the lead on a project to evaluate the effectiveness of using GPS technology to monitor offenders in the community. The research project, a collaboration between the U of C and the Government of Alberta, will...

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September 9, 2010
Leadership Development Program Now Accepting Applications

The Growing Forward Leadership Development program is now in full swing. This program will facilitate success in the agricultural industry by improving the leadership skills and capacity of Alberta’s citizens and communities. Anyone involved in agriculture can apply for the funding this program provides....

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August 30, 2010
New Director of Engagement Creates Connections for Rural Alberta

Rural Albertans and others involved in rural development will have a new person to turn to for information and assistance in connecting with potential post-secondary partners. Judy Ferguson joined the Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN) as its first Director of Community and Member Engagement on...

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August 26, 2010
Rural Residents Encouraged to do Survey on Education and Training Needs

A needs assessment that will identify and address education and training needs across rural Alberta begins this week. The Battle River Training Foundation (BRTF) and the Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN) are collaborating on the project, which includes the distribution of a survey. ...

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August 16, 2010
RADF Invests $30 Million in Funding Opportunities for Rural Alberta’s Communities

ARDN’s funder, Rural Alberta’s Development Fund (RADF) will invest another $30 million over the next 18 months, fulfilling its mandate to disburse $100 million to support rural living. This money will go towards projects that are designed to make rural Alberta a vibrant, healthy,...

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August 11, 2010
U of A Students Contribute to Capacity

ARDN’s key contact to the University of Alberta – Augustana Campus and director of the Alberta Center for Sustainable Communities, Lars Hallstrom, has had a major hand in the creation and implementation of the Rural Capacity Paid Intern Program – a program...

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August 3, 2010
University of Lethbridge Leads Scientific Breakthrough

A treatment for neural diseases such as Alzheimer’s has become a possibility; scientists at the University of Lethbridge have been able to regenerate damaged neural tissue in mice. During the five-year project, brain cells in mice were destroyed. They were then treated with...

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July 28, 2010
Camrose County Reclaims Its Land

It is time for a local gravel pit to be turned into something different. Camrose is reclaiming that land as a 37-acre park and conservation reserve.  The work on the redevelopment of Blatz Gravel Pit began in 2009. After many months the project...

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July 20, 2010
Outstanding Opportunity for Rural Youth

Young rural Albertans, ages eighteen to thirty will get the opportunity to refine their business plans and present to a panel of judges for the chance to win $25,000 towards developing their ideas. This competition, called the Perfect Pitch, stems from a partnership between...

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