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October 15, 2013
Building a Culture of Food Safety

Food safety is becoming a priority for consumers. From farmers’ markets to grocery stores, consumers are looking for documented assurance that the food they’re eating is produced safely. To remain competitive, farm direct producers and small scale processors must adapt to this changing environment. ...

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October 9, 2013
ARDN Launches New Blog at ARDN One Event

On October 7, 2013, ARDN officially launched ARDN One as more than just a onetime event. ARDN One is our rebranded rural blog on a new platform. Our goal is to use the ARDN One Blog to give a voice to the people who have...

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September 27, 2013
Post-Secondary Students Across Alberta Continue to Embrace Online Learning

The latest numbers are in, and it’s clear that online learning is changing lives for more and more Albertans. Alberta’s online education consortium of post-secondary institutions, eCampusAlberta, served 11,418 students during the previous 2012/13 academic year, resulting in an all-time high...

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September 26, 2013
Online Course Enhances Awareness of Aboriginal Cultures

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Aboriginal culture — whether for your own personal knowledge or to better support Aboriginal staff, students and colleagues in the post-secondary system — now’s the time to register for NAIT’s online Aboriginal Awareness course. The...

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September 12, 2013
Alberta Health Services Moves Administration into North and South Sectors Centred Around Edmonton and Calgary

By Jamie Komarnicki, Calgary Hearld.  Alberta doctor representatives are questioning whether rural communities will be shut out from decision-making as Alberta Health Services moves administration into north and south “sectors” centred around Edmonton and Calgary. Dr. Kevin Hay, president of the Central Zone Medical Staff...

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September 10, 2013
Rural Act of Kindness - UFA awardning $250,00

UFA will be awarding a total of $250,000 to five projects that support rural sustainability in the communities the company serves. Applications can be submitted starting on September 10, 2013. Five winning projects will be chosen between the end of October 2013 and the end...

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September 6, 2013
Don’t Try to Solve City Problems by Picking Rural Alberta’s Pocket

By Bob Barss, Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties. Published in the Edmonton Journal. Rural Alberta is being targeted for the money it collects. As home to the robust industries that drive the province’s economy, there has been an increasing push for...

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September 4, 2013
Video Games Becoming Required Coursework in Schools

Starting this fall, in order to graduate, every student at Olds College in Olds, Alta., will have to complete an iPad game in which they open a virtual lemonade stand and gradually build it into a business empire. Video games, once considered entertainment, are...

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September 3, 2013
U of C’s Faculty of Law Encourages Careers Outside the Big City

We’ve all heard it before — “there are too many lawyers in the world.” Stories in the news describe law school graduates unable to find jobs because of an oversaturated market. And while this may or may not be the whole story in metropolitan areas,...

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August 21, 2013
Red Deer College Named One of Alberta’s Top 25 Innovators

Red Deer College’s recent recognition as one of Alberta’s Top 25 Innovators is a clear indication that the College is on the right path as it seeks to provide much needed support to industry innovators throughout the province, says RDC President and CEO Joel Ward....

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