Alberta Rural Coalition on Housing & Homelessness (ARCH2)

The ARCH2 is a multi-sectoral, province-wide coalition that was formed to address the challenges of housing and homelessness in rural Alberta. The coalition works to ensure common issues are identified, information is shared and appropriate solutions are implemented to serve individuals that are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless. It has representation from each geographical area of rural Alberta, and from a variety of stakeholder groups. Membership is inclusive and will grow as awareness increases. 

Specific to the issues of rural homelessness and housing, this coalition: 
  • Identifies common issues and their solutions, and creates a collective voice to address those issues;
  • Improves public awareness and education;
  • Improves data collection (statistics) in rural communities so that the volume and issues around rural housing and homelessness can be better understood;
  • Identifies best practice models that work in a rural setting and shares that information with all rural communities; and
  • Creates information-sharing opportunities, including best practices, existing resources, in-person networking opportunities for rural stakeholders.
For more information, Please Contact:

Jonn Kmech